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Ejemplo de uso

{{ep|1x01}}"Pilot - Part 1"
{{ep|1x02}}"Pilot - Part 2"
{{ep|1x03}}"Tabula Rasa"
{{ep|1x05}}"White Rabbit"
{{ep|1x06}}"House of the Rising Sun"
{{ep|1x07}}"The Moth"
{{ep|1x08}}"Confidence Man"
{{ep|1x10}}"Raised by Another"
{{ep|1x11}}"All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues"
{{ep|1x12}}"Whatever the Case May Be"
{{ep|1x13}}"Hearts and Minds"
{{ep|1x17}}"...In Translation"
{{ep|1x19}}"Deus Ex Machina"
{{ep|1x20}}"Do No Harm"
{{ep|1xrc1}}"Lost: The Journey"
{{ep|1x21}}"The Greater Good"
{{ep|1x22}}"Born to Run"
{{ep|1x23}}"Exodus - Part 1"
{{ep|1x24}}"Exodus - Part 2"
{{ep|1x25}}"Exodus - Part 3" (actually links to part 2, per discussion)
{{ep|2xrc1}}"Destination Lost"
{{ep|2x01}}"Man of Science, Man of Faith"
{{ep|2x04}}"Everybody Hates Hugo"
{{ep|2x05}}"...And Found"
{{ep|2x07}}"The Other 48 Days"
{{ep|2x09}}"What Kate Did"
{{ep|2xrc2}}"Lost: Revelation"
{{ep|2x10}}"The 23rd Psalm"
{{ep|2x11}}"The Hunting Party"
{{ep|2x12}}"Fire + Water"
{{ep|2x13}}"The Long Con"
{{ep|2x14}}"One of Them"
{{ep|2x15}}"Maternity Leave"
{{ep|2x16}}"The Whole Truth"
{{ep|2xrc3}}"Lost: Reckoning"
{{ep|2x20}}"Two for the Road"
{{ep|2x22}}"Three Minutes"
{{ep|2x23}}"Live Together, Die Alone - Part 1"
{{ep|3xrc1}}"Lost: A Tale of Survival"
{{ep|3x01}}"A Tale of Two Cities"
{{ep|3x02}}"The Glass Ballerina"
{{ep|3x03}}"Further Instructions"
{{ep|3x04}}"Every Man for Himself"
{{ep|3x05}}"The Cost of Living"
{{ep|3x06}}"I Do"
{{ep|3xrc2}}"Lost Survivor Guide"
{{ep|3x07}}"Not in Portland"
{{ep|3x08}}"Flashes Before Your Eyes"
{{ep|3x09}}"Stranger in a Strange Land"
{{ep|3x10}}"Tricia Tanaka Is Dead"
{{ep|3x11}}"Enter 77"
{{ep|3x12}}"Par Avion"
{{ep|3x13}}"The Man from Tallahassee"
{{ep|3x15}}"Left Behind"
{{ep|3x16}}"One of Us"
{{ep|3x19}}"The Brig"
{{ep|3x20}}"The Man Behind the Curtain"
{{ep|3x21}}"Greatest Hits"
{{ep|3xrc3}}"Lost: The Answers"
{{ep|3x22}}"Through the Looking Glass - Part 1"
{{ep|4xrc1}}"Lost: Past, Present and Future"
{{ep|4x01}}"The Beginning of the End"

Otros Usos

{{ep|1x01|.}}"Pilot - Part 1."Displays a '.' within the quotes.
{{ep|1x02|!}}"Pilot - Part 2!"Displays a '!' within the quotes.
{{ep|1x03|,}}"Tabula Rasa,"Displays a ',' within the quotes.
{{ep|1x04|bold=1}}"Walkabout"Changes the text within the quotes to bold.

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